Loch Alpine Notices

LAIA Board Meeting

When: 7:00 PM, August 10, 2016
Where: Webster Township Hall
Contact LAIA President
Peter Logan (president@lochalpine.org) for more information.


Documents related to the AACC can be accessed here: AACC Preservation, Sale & Development Information

The Loch Alpine Award

The 2016 Loch Alpine Award was awarded to Katie Roycroft for her service as chair of the Loch Alpine Social Committee.

A complete list of award winners is avaialble here: Loch Alpine Award.



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Water Main Break - Update

Below is an update from LASA on the water main break.  If you have questions, please contact LASA directly.  

From LASA:

Good Afternoon,

The water main repair is complete and full pressure restored to all residents.  While we thoroughly flushed the entire Whitman Circle loop, it is still possible for red or cloudy water to be noticed by residents.  These symptoms are caused by stirring of iron sediments in the water main, or entrained air in the water.  If residents experience these problems, they should avoid drawing further water into their homes, and flush water at the nearest faucet to where the water service enters the residence (usually an outside spigot).  Once that runs clear, normal use can be resumed.

Again, thanks to the patience and understanding of the affected Loch Alpine residents.

Dan Geyer for,

David B. Ruhlig
LASA Plant Manager
1-734-426-4545 Plant
1-734-323-7608 Cell


Water Main Break

LASA has just informed LAIA of a water main break, please contact LASA directly if you have additional questions.

From LASA:

We have a major water main break at 4830 South Whitman Circle.  All of Whitman Circle, North and South, will be without water as we make repairs.  We expect the water to be shut down by about 12:30 PM today.  Repairs should be complete by late afternoon.

Thanks for your patience and consideration during this process.

Dan Geyer for,

David B. Ruhlig
LASA Plant Manager
1-734-426-4545 Plant
1-734-323-7608 Cell





The last lakes treatments of the season will take place on Monday, August 22.  
Please also refer to the notices posted around the lakes and on many 
mail-posts for important details.

If you have neighbors who don't use internet communication, kindly
share this information with them.

Thank you,
Loch Alpine Lakes Committee

Note:  If weather is inclement, a notice will announce treatment is rescheduled.


Loch Alpine Board Bulletin

Coyotes In Our Midst

There are coyotes throughout Michigan, in rural, suburban and urban areas. Coyotes have lived around Loch Alpine for decades, in the woodlands to the south and east of our neighborhood. Usually they have stayed within the cover and safety of the woods and fields, avoiding the human settlements nearby. Over the past several weeks, however, residents have seen coyotes in Loch Alpine during the day, traveling alone and sometimes in pairs. The animals have been seen on the golf course and in backyards east and west of Northgate Drive, behind Canterbury and north of Fairway Drive, and off Whitman Circle, Climbing Way and West Loch Alpine Drive. They have also been spotted crossing Eastgate toward the golf course and Crestline.

We can only suppose that as the golf course has grown thick with tall grass, it has attracted more wildlife, including coyotes looking for prey. Coyotes’ diet typically consists of small mammals, insects, reptiles, fruit and carrion. A recent study showed that on average a coyote's diet is 78% rodents, 26% berries, 27% rabbits, 12% raccoons, 10% deer and less than 2% of human food scraps. This shows that coyotes are NOT dragging off small children, dogs and cats. In fact, they help keep rodents and other wildlife in check.

A few good information sources about coyotes can be found at



http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10366_46403_63473-385556--,00.html and 


What is recommended about coexisting with coyotes?

  • Don’t feed pets outside. Left over pet food or the smell of pet food will attract coyotes and many other wildlife like skunks and raccoons.
  • Do not over feed birds, and keep the ground under feeders cleaned up. Bird seed attracts small animals like rodents which in turn attract the coyotes. Also bird seed is a large attraction for skunks.
  • Keep garbage in tight fitting containers. Coyotes and all other wildlife love human garbage.
  • Coyotes love compost and wood piles. Enclose or remove compost and wood piles in your yard.
  • Keep your pets from running at large and make sure they are spayed or neutered and up to date on shots. Not only is this a law, but female dogs not spayed will attract coyotes.
  • Make loud, unwelcoming noises when coyotes are seen.

Hunting, poisoning or trapping coyotes in Loch Alpine would be dangerous because of the proximity to so many houses and the risk of harming people, pets and other wildlife that wander the golf course. We have asked the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for more information to share with residents, and we also are investigating animal trapping services that use live traps to remove coyotes (although they may be euthanized instead of relocated).

Loch Alpine Entrance Identification

With the understanding that what we all appreciate about Loch Alpine is its natural and beautiful surroundings, we are planning Loch Alpine entrance identification that is subtle and natural in style and size. The LAIA Board recently accepted the Grounds Committee proposal to place two large boulders at the South Loch Alpine and Greenook Boulevard entranceways.  These are boulders we currently own and will be professionally engraved with our name, LOCH ALPINE on two lines. The South LA Drive boulder will have 5" letters (30 inch width) and the Greenook Boulevard boulder will have 4" letters (24 inch width). An example of a boulder entrance sign is shown below…

This plan provides a simple and natural way to have Loch Alpine identification at our two main entrances.  The Grounds Committee will be reviewing our other Loch Alpine entranceways and making additional recommendations at a later time.  If anyone is interested in viewing the full proposal, it can be found on our website by clicking here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Board Director and Grounds Chair Bob Sendra bsendra@lochalpine.org. Funding for this initiative was planned for within the current Grounds Committee budget.  Additional entranceway signage will be planned and funded from next year's Grounds Committee budget.


Loch Alpine Social - July 2016

Upcoming events:

Wine Tasting

Join us at 7:00 PM this Friday, July 29th, at the Pavilion in Loch Alpine Park for a neighborhood wine tasting!

Bring your favorite bottle (and a story - optional) to share.  Feeling ambitious - bring an appetizer to pair too!

There will be a few teenage babysitters at the playground to watch little ones, just RVSP so we know how many to expect.


Garden Club - Garden Party, August 6 at 4:00 PM

The Loch Alpine Garden Club invites members of the Loch Alpine Community to join us for a garden party at the perennial garden on Saturday, August  6, beginning at 4 pm.  The perennial garden is located in the park just below the soccer fields/baseball backstop.   Refreshments will be provided, but if you would like a particular summer beverage please feel free to BYOB.   Easy access to the garden is best via the walking paths off of West Loch Alpine near the play structure, Bridgeway Drive, or the Rock Park Lakeside Trail. 

Questions? Contact Roberta at (734) 424-9648.